Nordic Cooperation on Return and Reintegration in Iraq (NORAQ)

NORAQ is a framework for Nordic cooperation on return and reintegration in Iraq. Under the umbrella of NORAQ, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden align their respective development cooperation initiatives in Iraq in the migration area, thereby fostering a joint Nordic long-term approach in partnership with implementing partners. Each country runs the projects from a technical and financial point of view, in direct cooperation with the implementing partner ICMPD. Some undertakings will be approached jointly by the three countries, while some will be funded and coordinated by one country alone. As of 2023, in partnership with the ICMPD and the Rwanga Foundation, two projects are being implemented under NORAQ, with the prospect of more initiatives to emerge in the course of time.

The current projects that are being implement under NORAQ are CAIR II and MAARC. Click on the buttons below to find out more about each project.