Welcome to the website of the Budapest Process Secretariat and ICMPD's Regional Coordination Office for the Silk Routes Region. Here we cover the work of the Budapest Process: an inter-regional dialogue on migration and the concrete actions implemented under its umbrella through the projects Improving Migration Management and Integrated Border Management in the Silk Routes Countries.

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Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan: ICMPD Migrant Resource Centres (MRC) in Pakistan demonstrated once again the progress of their awareness-raising activities as well as outreach activities across the country. Beyond the raw data it is important to highlight human stories. One such example from September 2021 was the story of Mr. Nadeem who wanted to accept a new job offer while working for a Pakistani company in Qatar. Unsure of what to do Mr. Nadeem contacted the MRC through their hotline, which was one of the most used communication channels last month, along with the WhatsApp messaging service. Our counsellors successfully guided Mr. Nadeem through the required visa cancellation process, which allowed him to pursue his new job.

Vienna, Austria: Sadly it is often the case that migrants in desperate situations are preyed on and exploited by human traffickers and people smugglers. These people want to make money at the expense of migrants - often lying about life in destination countries and generally making false promises - and often have no regard for their safety or security. Would-be migrants should always follow regular channels and our Migrants Resource Centres (MRCs) are always available to provide neutral, fact-based advice.

Vienna, Austria: The Budapest Process Secretariat and ICMPD's Regional Office for the Silk Routes in 2021 produced a number of reports on migration related topics, one of which is Regional Migration Outlook 2021 for South and West Asia (Silk Routes) that provides an analysis of the key and emerging trends in the region’s “hotspots”, focusing on Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan (and India and Iran tangentially). 

The Budapest Process is an inter-regional dialogue on migration stretching from Europe to the Silk Routes region (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan) also covering Europe's Eastern neighbours, the Western Balkans and Central Asia.

Founded in 1993 the Budapest Process is Europe's leading and longest-standing dialogue on migration. We have built up a far-reaching network among participating and observer states as well as a wide thematic coverage. The Budapest Process also offers practical support to countries within the Silk Routes Project by offering a platform for learning and training between peers as well as for facilitating concrete project development and cooperation.

The unique value of the Budapest Process is that we bridge the gap between theory and practice. Today we provide a platform for dialogue and operational cooperation for 55 governments as well as 17 regional and international organisations.


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