Leadership Training Programme for Pakistan Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Management

The initiative, is a complementary support to the EU funded IBM Silk Routes project, assess the operational realities faced by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Border Crossing Points (BCP) management in Pakistan, and adapts BCP leadership training materials and a curriculum to the specific needs of the FIA officers.

An initial pilot training of the programme will be organised for Assistant Directors based at major BCPs, including Torkham and Chaman land BCPs, and Islamabad, Karachi and Peshawar air BCPs, alongside FIA Academy trainers, to test and further adapt the training materials based on direct feedback. Following this, a training of trainers course on the curriculum will be delivered to FIA Academy trainers and experts based at BCPs, to provide a platform for subsequent national delivery. Operationalisation of this training network will be assured with a supported pilot training, delivered by national trainers with the support of international experts, which shall both expand the delivery of the training to a wider group of BCP Management, as well as allow for further development of national trainers through mentoring and feedback. The project will close with a formal hand-over of the finalised curriculum and training material, as well as a meeting with FIA management to draw recommendations for future implementation of the training course by the FIA Academy.

The BCP Leadership training programme will:

  1. improve the immediate capacity of FIA management at border crossing points responsible for the strategic and day-to-day management of BCP immigration functions in Pakistan to effectively manage BCPs in alignment with the recognised principles and standards of the IBM concept;
  2. enhance intra-agency cooperation and information exchange between FIA Management at BCPs and FIA HQ and Training Units.
  3. contribute to the establishment of a modern BCP Leadership Training Programme within the FIA Academy.

Expected results:

The successful delivery of the programme is anticipated to:

  • Equip at least 20 FIA mid and senior management officers stationed at Immigration Posts with advanced knowledge and skills related to leadership and border management, which shall contribute to more effective and efficient management of borders and staff.
  • Develop a pool of at least 5 Master trainers within the FIA qualified to deliver the BCP Leadership training course.

Equip the FIA Academy with training materials, curriculum and trainer pool to independently organise future BCP Leadership training programmes


01 April – 31 December 2022

Beneficiary country:


Target Group:

Mid and Upper ranked management officers of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) from Assistant Directors upwards, based at land, air and sea Border Crossing Points.

This project is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior, and directly supports one of the key strategic priorities, the strengthening of leadership capacity at BCPs.

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Border Crossing Point (BCP) Leadership Training Programme For FIA Pakistan Management