Baghdad, 9 November: The Ministry of Interior and the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) jointly organised an official handover ceremony for a Trainer’s manual on profiling, interviewing and identification for Iraqi border authorities. The handover was part of the closing ceremony of the Training on profiling, interviewing and identification, which was delivered by national trainers from five border-related institutions in Iraq, and marks the end of a ten-month Training-of-Trainers (ToT) Programme on profiling, interviewing and identification.

A comprehensive 10-month Training-of-Trainers Programme began in January 2022 for the benefit of the Ministry of Interior, Iraqi National Intelligence Service, General Customs Commission, Border Ports Commission and the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority. 17 national trainers enhanced their adult teaching skills and built and improved their knowledge on the topic of profiling at the borders. The final activity of the Programme took place between 6-9 November 2022 at the premises of the Passport and Residency Department (MoI), where national trainers themselves delivered two 2-day trainings on profiling, identification and interviewing at the borders to their junior colleagues working as front-line officers across the country.

As the result of the continuous engagement of the Programme’s participants and the collaboration established with ICMPD international experts on adult learning and profiling, the national trainers are now equipped with the tools to conceive, organise and deliver training and capacity building in the field of profiling in a sustainable manner. They are also now able to deliver the training on profiling, interviewing and identification at the basic level to all their fellow officers across the ministries.

As a sustainability tool, a Trainer’s Manual on profiling, identification and interviewing at the borders has been developed in order to ensure that all trainers within MoI, BPC, ICAA, GCC and INIS, and not only those who participated in the Programme, have the required knowledge and information to deliver the profiling training. The Manual was specifically developed for the Iraqi border authorities based on their operational needs and priorities together with examples of international best practices. During the ceremony 200 copies of the Manual were handed over to senior representatives from the MoI, BPC, ICAA, GCC and INIS. The copies of the training manual will be further distributed to border crossing points (BCPs) in Iraq, as well as to the training directorates of the involved institutions, where it will be used for training purposes.


The handover ceremony is organised in the framework of the “Integrated Border Management in the Silk Routes Countries” (IBM-Silk Routes) project. The IBM-Silk Routes project is funded by the European Union and is implemented by ICMPD. The project aims to support the countries of the Silk Routes region, including Iraq, to build more effective and efficient border management systems, and in doing so strengthen the capacity of state authorities to combat irregular migration, encourage safe migration, and enhance trade and prosperity across borders.     

Further information:  https://www.icmpd.org/our-work/projects/integrated-border-management-in-the-silk-routes-countries-ibm-silk-routes

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