5th Ministerial Conference

Date: 19 April 2013

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Description: Marking the 20th anniversary of the Budapest Process, Turkey, as the Chair, hosted the 5th Ministerial Conference in Istanbul on 19 April 2013. Over 250 representatives from 53 countries as well as 10 international organisations gathered at the converence hosted by the Turkish Ministry of Interior and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Istanbul Ministerial Declaration on a Silk Routes Partnership for Migration was adopted and widely praised by the participants as one of the most far-reaching and balanced declarations dealing with migration ever adopted by such a diverse group of countries.


4th Ministerial Conference

Date: 26 June 2003

Location: Rhodes, Greece

Description: The meeting in Rhodes on 25 - 26 June 2003 took place at the invitation of the government of Greece and gathered ministers of 43 states and 8 international organisations. The conference reconfirmed the recommendations of the previous conferences of ministers responsible for matters relating to irregular migration, which were held in Berlin on 30 - 31 October 1991, in Budapest on 15 - 16 February 1993 and in Prague on 14 - 15 October 1997. It also recalled the unique role of the Budapest Process in bringing states together in an informal and flexible cooperation framework to prevent irregular migration in the wider European region.


3rd Ministerial Conference

Date: 15 October 1997

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Description: The meeting in Prague took place on 14 - 15 October 1997 at the invitation of the government of the Czech Republic. Ministers of the 36 states and representatives of the following international organisations: Central European Initiative, Council of Europe, European Union, International Centre for Migration Policy Development, Intergovernmental Consultations, International Organization for Migration, Interpol, United Nations Commission on Crime Prevention and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees attended the conference. Discussions centered on the the prevention of illegal migration based on the documents of the previous conferences of ministers responsible for matters relating to illegal migration, held in Berlin in 1991 and Budapest in 1993.


2nd Ministerial Conference

Date: 16 February 1993

Location: Budapest, Hungary

Description: On the invitation of the government of the Republic of Hungary, ministers of 30 European states, as well as Turkey, Moldavia and Ukraine, met in Budapest on February 15 - 16 to hold a conference on the implementation of measures to deal with uncontrolled migration.


1st Ministerial Conference

Date: 31 October 1991

Location: Berlin, Germany

Description: At the invitation of the Federal Minister of the Interior of the Federal Republic of Germany, ministers of 27 states met in Berlin to discuss measures to be taken to deal with illegal immigration from and through Central and Eastern Europe.