BRIEFING PAPER: Exploring the linkages between climate change and migration in the Silk Routes Countries

Vienna, Austria: ICMPD’s most recent paper on the relationship between migration, mobility, and climate change is now online!

In the wake of devastating climate emergencies across the globe and the slow-onset climate impacts affecting climate-sensitive livelihoods in many parts of the world, the debate on climate-related mobility has taken centre stage in recent years.

While the impacts of climate change can be witnessed globally, some regions are at a higher risk of climate-related migration due to their specific geography, which influences their exposure to climate risks. Particularly, the Silk Routes countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Iraq, and Pakistan, are considered some of the hardest hit in the world by climate change impacts.

Based on ICMPD’s local presence and expertise, this briefing provides an overview of the climate-migration nexus and policy responses in the Silk Routes countries. The authors also offer key recommendations and steps to be taken in the short, medium, and long term. They present that it is crucial to design long-term interventions that attempt to develop a more comprehensive and proactive plan rather than a reactionary approach to the topic. More details on each country, policies in place, and further recommendations in the short and long term can be found in the publication available here.

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