5th National Project Steering Committee meeting gathered the highest border management officials in Iraq

The 5th National Project Steering Committee (NPSC) meeting of the EU-funded project “Integrated Border Management in Silk Routes countries,” implemented by ICMPD, took place on 7 June 2023. This gathering brought together top officials responsible for border management, serving as the primary national-level governance mechanism to support the project’s work plan. The NPSC was established in 2019 to ensure efficient coordination and ownership of project outcomes among Iraqi national authorities.

The 5th NPSC meeting, typically co-chaired by the EU and the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, included prominent figures such as Major General Mohammed Abdullwahab, Commander of Border Force (MoI), and General Sami Al-Sudani, Advisor to the Prime Minister on border management. The Committee comprises other high-ranking officials with strategic and executive responsibilities in border management.

During the meeting, the project team provided updates on the progress of project implementation over the past eight months and outlined the planned activities until the end of 2023. Engaging discussions took place regarding recent developments in Iraq’s border governance, proposed legal and regulatory amendments and reforms, cooperation among national institutions, and the most urgent needs related to Iraq’s National Integrated Border Management Strategy. This encompassed evaluating its current state and determining the next steps. The significant attendance and productive dialogue during the meeting demonstrated that the IBM Silk Routes project serves as a platform for strategic and forward-looking inter-ministerial discussions, shaping the future of border management in Iraq.

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