Short-Term Technical Assistance

Expertise and assistance for the development of migration policies

The Silk Routes Facility’s short-term technical assistance instrument provides expert assistance for the development of migration related policies, as well as for establishing sustainable training capacities in the area of migration. It is currently providing assistance to three countries:

  1. In Afghanistan, the Facility collaborated with several ministries and other authorities and stakeholders to develop Afghanistan’s first-ever “Comprehensive Migration Policy for Afghanistan” Its final draft was presented in June 2019 and is currently about to be adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers.
  1. In Pakistan, the Facility is supporting two main interventions with the Government of Pakistan:

National Emigration and Welfare Policy for Overseas Pakistanis: The Facility is providing technical and expert support to Pakistan’s Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (MOPHRD) in developing a National Emigration and Welfare Policy for Overseas Pakistanis and its accompanying Action Plan. The Policy, the final draft of which was submitted to MOPHRD in the last quarter of 2019[1], focuses on three main priority areas covering all stages of labour emigration.

  1. Promotion of safe, orderly and fair emigration;
  2. Protection and welfare of overseas Pakistanis and their families;

Engagement of Pakistani diaspora in the development process and reintegration of return migrants.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA): The Facility is supporting Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency and its sister Academy in development and implementation of a five-year Strategic Plan on transforming the FIA Academy into a Centre of Excellence on trainings for law enforcement officers in the region. The final draft of the Strategic Plan has been shared with the top management of the FIA.[2]

FIA Remote Trainings: Based on the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and taking into account the mandatory restrictions on travel and movement (both in Europe and the Silk Routes region), the Facility will be delivering a series of remote trainings for FIA officers in collaboration with the FIA Academy. The first rollout of the training is scheduled for June 2020 and will target 60 female Assistant Sub-Inspectors of the FIA. The trainings will be delivered by a team of national and international experts and will primarily focus on four thematic areas – Irregular Migration, Smuggling of Migrants, Trafficking in Human Beings and Border Management.

  1. In Iraq, the Facility is supporting the development of a Policy on Engagement with Iraqis Abroad. The Policy has been developed through a series of rigorous consultations in close collaboration with Iraq’s Ministry of Migration and Displaced and other focal ministries relevant to the Policy, including the Ministry of Planning, Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Policy serves as a diaspora engagement policy and delineates four priority areas in this regard:
    1. Institutional & Leadership Development
    2. Human Capital Support & Investment
  • Financial Mobilisation & Investment
  1. State Guardianship of the Expatriate Community

The (draft) Policy has been approved by the responsible national body (the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers) and is pending approval and endorsement by the Prime Minister’s Office. Once approved, the Facility also plans on supporting the Government of Iraq in implementation of several activities as envisaged under the Policy.


[1] The Policy is pending the final approval and endorsement of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and his Cabinet.

[2] The Strategic Plan is pending final approval and endorsement of the Ministry of Interior and the Director General of the FIA.


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