Developing the Iraqi Government’s knowledge and expertise in migration management (IMED)

The primary objective of the project is to enhance the institutional capacities of, and educate, key ministries in Iraq on migration governance (with Ministry of Foreign Affairs being the primary beneficiary). This vision also complements existing work in Iraq, given that the project will, inevitably, contribute towards sound migration policy development - including our diaspora policy and integrated border management (IBM) activities.

The long term aim of fostering deeper and wider European engagement with Iraqi decision makers through Swiss support will require upgrading the know-how, knowledge base, and technical expertise of key stakeholders within the Iraqi government sector. The initial focus is on the educational and training elements which are conducted in the form of thematic expert training workshops; a study visit to Switzerland; and the development of a whole-of-government approach to migration management in Iraq.

This project is funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Migration (SEM).