Development of a Leadership Training Programme for the Afghan Border Police

Development of a Leadership Training Programme for the Afghan Border Police

(Support to the Afghan Border Police in the area of Integrated Border Management)

This 12 month project aims to strengthen the leadership and management capacity of the leadership cadres of the Afghan Border Police (ABP) responsible for management of border crossing points. The project is developing a Leadership Training Programme (LTP) for the General Abdul Raziq National Police Academy (ANPA) targeting ABP Commissars and Deputy Commissars, the most senior ranked officials stationed at Afghanistan’s border crossing points. The LTP will equip these senior managers with key knowledge and skills required to effectively manage the diverse tasks and challenges present at Afghanistan’s BCPs, including organisation and planning of daily operations, the application of risk management methodologies, leadership, stress management and human resource development, as well as gender mainstreaming, transparency and integrity and asset management.

Effective leadership and management of border crossing points is the foundation of ensuring safe, secure and efficient border operations around the world, where state responses to organised crime and terrorism, trade facilitation, migration management and tourism coalesce at a single physical location.

The project is working with the Border Management Department of ANPA to prepare the LTP curriculum and training material, and will support six ANPA training instructors to deliver the programme to 60 Commissars and Deputy Commissars in 2021, during which they will progressively take full ownership of the training programme. Post-training expert support and mentoring will ensure ANPA trainers are equipped to continue delivery of the programme beyond the project end, with the full integration of the LTP into the annual ANPA training plan.

This project is funded by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior, and directly supports one of the key strategic priorities, the strengthening of leadership capacity at BCPs, identified by the ABP during the ongoing development of a National Integrated Border Management Strategy and Action Plan for Afghanistan.