Trend Analysis: Migrant Resource Centre - Afghanistan

Vienna, November 2022. The Remote Migration Resource Centre (MRC) is uniquely positioned to identify the changes in migration aspirations and trends from Afghanistan as they develop.

This new information brief covers the period of May – August 2022 and presents the latest developments related to migration interest among Afghans reflected in the data collected by the MRC, and contextualises these evolving patterns with the ongoing economic and political situation in the country and internationally, to indicate emerging migration trends.

The brief covers:

  • Situational overview
  • Afghan asylum seekers in Europe
  • MRC’s response
  • Emerging developments
  • Outlook: What to expect between September and December 2022

Between May and August 2022, the MRC counselled a total of 9,352 individuals. It is important to highlight that this number does not include the number of recurring queries by the same individual. The highest number of counselling sessions were given in the month of July during which 2,813 people were counselled.

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