Capacity building trainings on Return and Reintegration held in Iraq

Erbil, September 2022: The project implementation team for the project, ‘Capacity Building for long-term reintegration of returnees to Iraq’ (Project CAIR), initiated a series of capacity building trainings on Return and Reintegration for the central government institutions in Iraq. The training programme will cover six thematic priorities over the course of three dedicated trainings (September-December 2022).

The first training was held in Erbil, Iraq on 19 – 21 September 2022 and attended by representatives of Iraqi Ministries of Migration and Displaced, Labour & Social Affairs, and Planning, as well as participation from the General Secretariat of Council of Ministers. The training focused on the introductory aspects of return and reintegration and allowed the participants to benefit from expert interventions on the 4 phases of migration; key terminologies and definitions; achieving sustainable reintegration; case management for reintegration; the psychosocial approach towards reintegration; and implementing development-oriented reintegration programmes and services.

Following the training, the project team held a meeting with Iraq’s private sector, including representation from all of the aforementioned ministries, on 21 – 22 September. The meeting achieved two primary goals – completed mapping exercise identifying existing programmes and services as well as needs and capacities of the private sector members; identification of priority areas for development of a roadmap for private sector engagement in the area of reintegration of returnees to Iraq.

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