New briefs of conducted reports

Where is the Pakistani diaspora in Europe? How does the diaspora influence irregular migration decision making?

Why do Pakistanis migrate irregularly? How can an information campaign help? 

Answers to these questions and more can now be found in a 2 pager document briefs, prepared within the framework of the project’s “Awareness raising and information campaigns on the risks of irregular migration in Pakistan” (PARIM).

Follow the link to learn more:

The PARIM project seeks to provide information and raise awareness among potential migrants in Pakistan through a series of campaigns. It aims to communicate balanced information about the dangers and consequences of irregular migration, options for legal migration, and the legal, social and economic realities of life in Europe.

The Ministry of the Interior of Austria and the Ministry of the Interior of Bulgaria co-fund and co-implement this two-year project, together with ICMPD as lead partner.

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