Advancing policy support on migration issues in Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq: A Silk Routes team conducted a mission to Baghdad, Iraq on 3-5th April 2022, with the objective of advancing policy support on migration matters to the Government of Iraq. The mission forms part of the broader work being done under the project, ‘Capacity building for long-term reintegration of returnees to Iraq’ (Project CAIR), funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark and implemented by ICMPD.

The primary purpose of the mission was to facilitate programmatic planning and capacity building on migration in Iraq, based on the whole-of-government approach, with a specific focus on reintegration of returnees in the country. To this end, ICMPD organised focus group discussions with stakeholders directly impacted by return and reintegration to Iraq in order to better understand their needs and aspirations for tailored policy responses. In addition, the subject of greater private sector engagement in the national eco-system, and the potential of its contribution to sustainable reintegration, was addressed on multiple occasions – jointly with government counterparts, private sector representatives, and international partners. 

A primary highlight of the mission is represented through the launch of a Multi-stakeholder Platform. The Platform aims to bring together public and private sector representatives, as well as contributions from a wider community and international actors, to create an open dialogue on common areas of concern and help devise constructive solutions and responses.