European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN): new outreach platform

Vienna, Austria: In parallel with the Public-Private Sector Partnership for Reintegration in Bangladesh which started this year, ICMPD and the European Return and Reintegration Network are promoting reintegration assistance across the Silk Routes region. Our activities are empowering people to build new lives in their home countries. 

Feelings of alienation - as well as administrative complexity and disinformation - mean that people who are considering going back home often face a disorienting array of messages and a lack of clear perspective. Reliable information and support can help migrants make informed choices by providing a clear overview of the options available, including the possibility of voluntary return. 

Dispelling myths, building trust and cultivating confidence in the reintegration process is what ICMPD does as a strategic partner of the European Return and Reintegration Network. 

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