TV drama about the drivers for female migration in bangladesh and the stigma attached

Dhaka and Cumilla, Bangladesh: Poverty and a lack of opportunities at home mean that many Bangladeshi women need to leave their families, communities and their country in order to make money. This is a tough experience made worse for women returning to Bangladesh after work stays abroad due to the rumours, lies and poisonous gossip that is spread in local communities about women who leave the country to find employment.

This video addresses the negativity that exists and highlights that female Bangladeshi migrant workers should be viewed as a valuable resource for the country. This should result in them being treated with respect by the state, society and their local communities rather than scepticism and even contempt.

Link to video:

This video was created by the Danish Trade Union Development Agency (DTDA) and the Bangladeshi Institute of Labor Studies (BILS). It was funded by the European Union through the Silk Routes Facility implemented by ICMPD.