Our activities in Pakistan

Islamabad and Lahore, Pakistan: ICMPD Migrant Resource Centres (MRC) in Pakistan demonstrated once again the progress of their awareness-raising activities as well as outreach activities across the country. Beyond the raw data it is important to highlight human stories. One such example from September 2021 was the story of Mr. Nadeem who wanted to accept a new job offer while working for a Pakistani company in Qatar. Unsure of what to do Mr. Nadeem contacted the MRC through their hotline, which was one of the most used communication channels last month, along with the WhatsApp messaging service. Our counsellors successfully guided Mr. Nadeem through the required visa cancellation process, which allowed him to pursue his new job.

MRC FREE HOTLINE: 0304 1112123

In September, the main interest of MRC clients was gaining information on working abroad, in particular migration to the Gulf region for employment opportunities.

Our Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) in Pakistan is funded by the European Union and activities are implemented by ICMPD in close cooperation with national and local authorities.