Vision for sustainable reintegration in Iraq

Ebril, Iraq: ICMPD held a workshop in cooperation with the Ministry of Migration and Displaced (MoMD) in Erbil, Iraq on 7-9th September 2021. The workshop was organised within the framework of the project "Capacity building for long-term reintegration of returnees to Afghanistan and Iraq" (Project CAIR), funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Denmark and implemented by ICMPD.

The workshop facilitated MoMD’s analysis of the internal framework on reintegration in Iraq, while also highlighting the challenges faced by the Government both in application and practice. Based on the findings, suggestions, concerns and priorities defined, ‘A Vision for Sustainable Reintegration’ will be developed and shared with a wider audience, including community based organisations, for purposes of complementarity and coordination (through a second workshop).

In its capacity building part, the workshop focused on providing the participants with the key terminology relating to return and reintegration; the breakdown of the Migration Cycle; principles and obligations within the sphere of return and reintegration; the inherent challenges related to the reintegration of returnees (including child reintegration); and country-specific case studies to serve as practical examples.

More information on the CAIR project can be found here: