ICMPD hosts training workshop on Combatting Cross-Border Crime in Iraq

Baghdad, Iraq: From the 11-14 July 2021, ICMPD hosted a training workshop on Combatting Cross-Border Crime in Iraq. The workshop took place over 4 days and brought together participants from the Civil Aviation Authority, General Customs Commission, Ministry of Interior, Border Ports Commission and the Iraqi National Intelligence Service to discuss a range of cross-border related topics.

The aim of the multi-agency training workshop was to strengthen capacities in profiling persons suspected of being involved in organised crime groups, identifying basic warning signs related to the links between cross-border crime and terrorism, as well as applying a multi-agency approach, sharing and evaluating information and enhancing international cooperation.

Inter-agency cooperation between border authorities is a fundamental requirement to counter cross-border organised crime. By organising training on the topic in an inter-agency setting, with international trainers from different professional backgrounds delivering sessions, the course created the conditions for improved awareness and understanding between Iraqi border management agencies participating, and allowed opportunities for sharing experience and knowledge on the topic.

The Integrated Border Management (IBM) in the Silk Routes Countries project is funded by the European Union and implemented by ICMPD.