Campaign focusing on women migrants in Bangladesh

Dhaka and Cumilla, Bangladesh: Our Migrant Resource Centres (MRC) in Bangladesh have begun a 10-day campaign focusing on women migrants. This is being rolled out in the run up to International Women’s Day on 8th March.

The daily, regular activities include:

  • Specific daily social media postings on women migrants’ rights, protection, inclusion and empowerment.
  • Setting-up of women migrants’ booths at DEMO lobby (for the distribution of Information, Education and Communications materials and additional counselling).
  • Distribution of women migrant specific materials covering gender violence, female hygiene and occupational safety and health, as well as safe migration.

In terms of the specific activities that we have planned, these include:

  • Facebook Live event on new trends, challenges and opportunities for women migrants with WARBE as a guest on 4th March.
  • Launch of new Information, Education and Communications materials on women migrants organised by CARE and MRC on 8th March.
  • Government workshop to identify current gaps in the service delivery for women migrants organised by DEMO Dhaka and MRC on 9th March.

This activity is funded by the European Union and Switzerland, and implemented by ICMPD and partners.