FREE online post-arrival orientation sessions (PAOS)

· Did you just arrive in another country for work or residency or study? Or are you about to leave for work abroad?

· Do you want to know more about the laws, culture, language and norms of the new country where you are working or living?

· Are you aware of your rights, duties and responsibilities as a migrant or migrant worker?

· How can you adjust to your new working or living conditions?

· Who are the government agencies, NGOs or migrant groups which could assist or support you? What are existing emergency or helpline numbers?

· How can you properly use your income and remit money to your love ones?

· What are coping mechanisms for you in case of problems or emergencies?

We have FREE online post-arrival orientation sessions (PAOS) for you. You are encouraged to enrol through

You can take the online courses at your own place, pace and time.

The courses are available in Dari, Arabic, Urdu and Bengali.

Upon completion of the modules, you will receive a certificate.

Enrol now: all the best in your new place of work. Stay safe!