ICMPD hosts two Advanced Document Security training workshops in Islamabad

Islamabad, Pakistan: From the 18-29 January 2021, ICMPD hosted two Advanced Document Security Training workshops for the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan in Islamabad. The training workshops were held for 19 FIA Officers stationed at airports in Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore across consecutive weeks and aimed to expand upon the knowledge participants had acquired at previously attended training workshops.

The participants were selected based on their standout participation at the basic level training workshops which took place at the four major international airports of Pakistan in October and November of last year.

The continuation of the training workshops focused on advancing knowledge in areas such as substrates and printing techniques, biometrics, morphing and advanced profiling and the latest trends in security features. Participants also took part in a number of practical exercises as part of their continued learning. As a result of the advanced document security training, the FIA now has officers based at the major international airports with increased awareness in the field of the detection of forged and falsified travel documents and work with international databases, deepened capabilities in profiling, identifying risk persons involved in cross-border crime, and knowledge of new trends in document forgeries and profiling at an advanced level.

The fraudulent use of identity and travel documents represents a threat to the security of countries and their citizens, the economy, and global commerce, as it facilitates a wide range of cross border crimes and terrorism. The training was organised to strengthen the capacity of the participating officials and employees to detect frequently used techniques applied in the process of document security at the border crossing points.

To further build the institutional capacity of the FIA in this area in future, the best performing participants shall be invited to participate in a training skills development course and knowledge exchanges with international partners to equip them to act as internal trainers to their peers on the subject.

The aim of this training is to enhance the operational capacities of border management agencies in Pakistan, as part of ICMPD’s support to the country to improve capacity to effectively and efficiently manage national borders under the European Union funded Integrated Border Management in the Silk Routes project (IBM Silk Routes).