Document Security training workshop for Border Agencies of Ministry of Interior Affairs in Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan: From the 14-17 December 2020, ICMPD hosted the third Document Security training workshop in Afghanistan. The workshop brought together officials from the Afghan Border Police as well as representatives from the Directorate General of Criminal Investigation and Counter- Crimes.

The basic-level training workshop came just two weeks after ICMPD hosted the second Document Security training workshop. The active and engaged participants covered key theoretical topics such as Basic Document Awareness, Substrates, Printing Techniques, Additional Security Features, Technical and Tactical Profiling, Impostor and Morphing Detection, including several case studies based on international practices in this area.

The fraudulent use of identity and travel documents represents a threat to the security of countries and their citizens, the economy, and global commerce, as it facilitates a wide range of cross border crimes and terrorism. The training was organised to strengthen the capacity of the participating officials and employees to detect frequently used techniques applied in the process of document security at the border crossing points.

The aim of these trainings is to enhance operational capacities of border management agencies in Afghanistan also to increase awareness of instructors of Border Management Faculty, General Abdul Raziq National Police Academy, as part of ICMPD’s support to the country to improve capacity to effectively and efficiently manage national borders under the European Union funded Integrated Border Management in the Silk Routes project (IBM Silk Routes).