Development of 5 year MRC strategy in Afghanistan

Kabul, Afghanistan: Last week, ICMPD and the Afghan Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation (MORR) held a workshop to finalise the 5-year strategy (2021 – 2025) for the Migrant Resource Centre (MRC), which is operated under the auspices of MORR.

The MRC was officially inaugurated in July 2018 and has provided personal guidance and counselling to almost 50,000 people, specifically through the hotline 5588. In over two years of operations, the MRC team has reached out to over 3 million people through Facebook, TV and radio engagements on migration issues. This continuous outreach of Afghans to the MRC provides a clear mandate to MORR to continue and expand MRC services. MORR therefore initiated this strategy development process to establish a clear goal and outlook for the continuation of the MRC until 2025, with donor support and a vision to fully integrate the MRC into Afghan Government Tashkeel.

The strategy has now been finalised at the technical level and will be endorsed in the coming weeks at the political level. It will furthermore feed into the MORR strategy and already lay the foundation to implement elements of the Comprehensive Migration Policy (CMP), which is currently under final endorsement.

The European Union is funding the Migrant Resource Centre and the 5588 hotline under the project “Improving Migration Management in the Silk Routes Countries”, which is implemented by ICMPD.