A Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) for Tajikistan

On 3-5 November, ICMPD held a high-level workshop with the Tajik Ministry of Labour and agreed on the concrete steps towards the establishment of a Migrant Resource Centre in the country. The Deputy Minister of Labour, Ms. Shakhnoza Nodiri, and the European Delegation attended, along with the representatives of all key structural departments of the Ministry and the Migration service. During these three days, the parties discussed the needs, the work plan as well as the strategy to open and operate the MRC.

The Migrant Resource Centre in Dushanbe will aim to play a central role - and become the main reference point - for the production, collection and dissemination of knowledge on safe migration, aiming to benefit prospective migrants as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions alike.

Equally importantly, the MRC will work to reduce the vulnerabilities of, and challenges faced by, migrants living and working abroad. The MRC will provide migrants with adequate, timely and reliable information and guidance on all matters related to migration.

ICMPD already runs MRCs in four countries (Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan) in collaboration with respective governmental partners. ICMPD will now be leveraging its extensive experience and knowledge of international best practice for the benefit of Tajikistan.

The international MRC programme is funded by the European Commission and implemented by ICMPD.