Delivery of a power generator to Customs at Border Crossing Point in Farah province, Afghanistan

Farah, Afghanistan: The EU-funded Integrated Border Management in the Silk Routes Countries (IBM Silk Routes) project has provided a power generator to Farah province, which will be installed at the Abu Nasr-e-Farahi border crossing point, bordering with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a notable increase in the flow of goods and people entering Afghanistan from Iran. As a result, the Afghanistan Customs Department, Ministry of Finance, requested that ICMPD provide the border crossing point with a power generator in order to support the monitoring of this considerably increased flow across the border.

With regular power cuts at the border crossing point, the generator will guarantee an uninterrupted power supply, helping to ensure that services can be efficiently delivered at the border crossing point and that the facility can remain operational during outages.

The delivery of a power generator is part of support mobilised by the IBM Silk Routes project, following requests for technical equipment to be installed at border crossing points in Afghanistan. It is foreseen that additional equipment will be delivered to further border crossing points in the coming weeks.

Facilitating the well-managed movement of people and goods across borders is vital to both the security and prosperity of Afghanistan. The IBM Silk Routes project, funded by the European Union, aims to support the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in effectively and efficiently managing its national frontiers.