Officers from Pakistan trained online

Islamabad: ICMPD is delivering a digital training programme to officers of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Pakistan that will support the FIA’s Training Academy maintain its operational training in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic to combat trafficking in human beings, prevent irregular migration and efficiently manage Pakistan’s national borders.

As of 8 June, ICMPD will train 60 female officers from Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency on countering migrant smuggling, human trafficking, irregular migration, and border management via the Silk Routes Online Training Platform, a digital learning-hub established by the ICMPD Regional Coordination Office for the Silk Routes. The delivery of the remote training will allow the FIA Academy to maintain its annual training schedule and ensure that the 60 female officers can be deployed to operational front-line duties where they will play a key role in combating human trafficking, interdicting migrant smuggling and ensuring the efficient and effective management of Pakistan’s borders.

The training, implemented by ICMPD with European Union funding, was designed in close collaboration with the FIA Training Academy, and international as well as national experts. To facilitate learning in the context of a global pandemic, ICMPD has provided computer tablets to the FIA Academy, to enable learning from home and ensure preventive measures are applied. Trainees will access the Online Training Platform directly from their homes or work places, where they will follow a programme of blended learning combining self-managed study using tailor-made background readings and pre-recorded video material, followed by live presentations and interactive sessions with experts.

The FIA leads Pakistan’s efforts against human trafficking and migrant smuggling and has established specialised divisions for these offences along with associated crimes such as money laundering and document fraud. The agency also has primary responsibility for the management of Pakistan’s border crossings and immigration controls. Its Training Academy delivers basic and advanced training to new recruits and mid-level FIA officials. ICMPD has been assisting the FIA Academy with its training programme since 2014, jointly pursuing the long-term objective of establishing the FIA Academy as a ‘Centre of Excellence’ in the field of law enforcement training.