Senior officials meet in Ankara for 2nd Preparatory Meeting for the 5th Budapest Process Ministerial Conference

Ankara, 10-11 December 2012: The Second Preparatory Meeting for the 5th Budapest Process Ministerial Conference “A Silk Routes Partnership for Migration” was held in Ankara, Turkey, on 10 - 11 December 2012. The meeting gathered 81 participants from 38 countries, the European Commission, as well as 7 agencies and international organisations.

The meeting had the following main purposes: 1) to consider the first draft of the Ministerial Communiqué 2) to discuss the future set-up and structure of the Budapest Process and 3) to discuss the operational follow up after the Ministerial Conference.

The first session of the conference was devoted to the Ministerial Communiqué which was discussed extensively. The afternoon Working Table sessions focused on, structure of the Budapest Process, Operational follow-up after the Ministerial Conference, possible engagement of further actors (civil society, academia and private actors) in the Budapest Process and methods to show-case results and good practices from the participating countries. The three Working Tables were chaired by (1) Switzerland and the Russian Federation, (2) Hungary and Pakistan and (3) Afghanistan and the United Kingdom. The participating countries agreed to enter into a written procedure following the meeting for a) providing additional comments to the draft Ministerial Communiqué and b) provide their priorities for concrete cooperation in the Silk Routes Region.

It should be noted that the activities within the framework of the project “Fostering Migration Cooperation with and in the Silk Routes Region” have an important role in further defining the substance development of the proposed follow up package. The project is particularly aiming at, through consultations between Silk Routes and donor countries, establishing priority actions for projects in the Silk Routes Region.