Where we work

 The project “Integrated Border Management in the Silk Routes Countries” is currently working in four partner countries:

  • Afghanistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Iraq
  • Pakistan

The project supports national and local government authorities with responsibilities in the area of border management, as well as non-governmental actors active in this area and local border communities.

While the names and precise scope of tasks of the main border management agencies may vary from one country to the next, the most important functions are essentially the same being:

  • Surveillance of the state border;
  • Control of persons crossing borders;
  • Control of goods crossing borders;
  • Plants and plant products inspection agencies;
  • Live animals and products of animal origin inspection agencies;
  • Food and feed of non-animal origin inspection agencies;
  • Agencies in charge of human health check.

Government authorities the project supports include:

  • Ministries of Interior/ Home Affairs;
  • Ministries of Finance/ Revenue and Customs Services;
  • Ministries of Foreign Affairs;
  • Border Guards/ Command, Coast Guard, National Police;
  • Police and Border Agency Training Institutions;
  • Civil Aviation Authorities;
  • Ministries of Transport;
  • Ministries of Agriculture;
  • Ministries of Health;
  • Other national agencies responsible for border control and surveillance.