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Country code: AF

Main country data


35,530,081 (World Bank 2017)

Working-age population:

85 (World Bank 2017)


(PPP): 70,367,900.20 (current International $)
GDP per capita (current US$): 585.9 (2017)
2018 Projected Real GDP (% Change): 2.3 (International Monetary Fund)

Unemployment rate:

Unemployment rate: 8.8 (World Bank 2017)

Migration authorities

Line Ministries:

Under construction

Key migration countries

Main source countries:
1. Pakistan: 348,369
2.Tajikistan: 15,031
3. Uzbekistan: 751
Inward migration to Afghanistan: 382.365
Outward migration from Afghanistan: 4,843.117
Main destination countries:

1.Iran: 2,348,369

2.Pakistan: 1,618,687

3. Saudi Arabia: 364,304

All data used above are from the International Organisation for Migration (2015)

Participation in the Budapest Process / Silk Routes Project

Involvement in BP since:

Afghanistan is Co-Chair of the Silk Routes Regional Working Group and involved in the Budapest Process since 2010. 

Key documents related to migration

Migration profiles:

Migration profile from the Global Forum on Migration and Development

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