ICMPD supports Afghan government in strengthening national migration policy development and data management

Kabul, 14-17 March 2014: During a four day workshop held on 14-17 March 2014 in Kabul, ICMPD as implementing partner of the project “Support to the Silk Routes Partnership for Migration under the Budapest Process”, supported representatives of seven government institutions in strengthening national migration policy and data management systems through an inter-agency approach.

During the first two-day session, government officials took stock of existing policies in the area of migration in Afghanistan and identified gaps and needs in order to develop a more comprehensive framework to effectively manage migration. Moving from policy to data, discussions during the second two-day workshop session were fostered to the need for accurate data as a basis for policy making, followed in a stock taking exercise of existing migration data in Afghanistan. In both sessions, the need for permanent working groups was expressed to continue the development of both a comprehensive migration policy and a unified data management system.


This workshop contributes to the main objective of the Silk Routes Partnership Project, namely strengthening the migration management capacities of the Silk Routes countries Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan and is funded by the European Union, Bulgaria, Hungary (lead), Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the United Kingdom.