Welcome from the Secretariat

As Head of the Budapest Process Secretariat, and Regional Coordinator for the Silk Routes Region, I am delighted that we have consolidated our role as facilitator for a dialogue on migration: one of the most important and sensitive global political topics today. Our objective is to further strengthen regular and well-managed migration and mobility of people across borders in the Budapest Process regions.

In a nutshell, we facilitate the migration dialogue; undertake policy and research; as well as engage in capacity-building in the Silk Routes countries as well as other regions of the Budapest Process.

The Budapest Process has mastered the balance and interaction between political dialogue and operational action. Our concrete projects flank the dialogue and create tangible outcomes from the political objectives established. This interplay between political dialogue and concrete activities - where both components are equally necessary - has become the cornerstone of our work. This is also something that is appreciated by the donor community - from countries to the European Commission - who have supported project and dialogue activities.

Close cooperation with national governments, ministries and public authorities is vital, as is working with civil society actors from NGOs to businesses and citizens. Being on the ground and having an impact locally is vital to our work within the Budapest Process. The success of our actions depends on trust, long-term engagement and a holistic approach to migration as we strive for a shared understanding of our challenges and commitments.

Sedef Dearing
Head of the Budapest Process Secretariat
Regional Coordinator for the Silk Routes Region, ICMPD