Political Framework

The Istanbul Commitments on the Silk Routes Partnership for Migration

The Budapest Process held its 6th Ministerial Conference in Istanbul on 19-20 February 2019, and close to 40 countries adopted the “Istanbul Commitments on the Silk Routes Partnership for Migration” and its action plan “A Call for Action – a five year plan”.

This political declaration and action plan build upon the achievements of the 2013 Istanbul Ministerial Declaration on a Silk Routes Partnership for Migration while taking into account the migration developments of the past years. It introduces five commitments to be upheld in migration management:

  1. to partnership
  2. to comprehensive migration management
  3. to human rights
  4. to support and solidarity
  5. to knowledge.

The "Call for Action - a five year plan" lists actions under the 2013 six priority areas identified for cooperation:

  1. prevent and counteract irregular migration, facilitate return and readmission of irregular migrants, and combat criminal networks involved in smuggling of migrants
  2. legal migration and mobility
  3. integration of migrants and counteracting phenomena such as discrimination, racism and xenophobia
  4. migration and development
  5. prevent and combat trafficking in persons and
  6. promote international protection.

The Budapest Process will now focus on the implementation of the five-year action plan.